fruit and veg for juicing

A key component of mental health is physical wellbeing. Nutrition plays a key role.  Keeping yourself and your staff healthy is a vital element of a healthy and productive business.  Just how much of a part does nutrition play though?

What I noticed in my own body is that nutrition and exercise have a massive part to play, so this year, by way of self-experimentation I want to see exactly how I feel when changing gear to a new level of care of my physical health.  I want to see exactly how that effects my mental health and my overall wellbeing.

Well the fact that I have lost 10lbs already is awesome, but what is truly amazing is how differently I feel. My brain is more awake. I am not a morning person but I am now getting up with out issue. I feel more focussed, more energised and lighter. No I am not referring back to the weight but it is a sense of emotional lightness of being and a sense of freedom.

It was time to start working out at the gym this week too. That was a bit of a shock to the system. First week was hard. Started with Pilates on Monday in the studio, using the Pilates machines. That was great. Tuesday tried the Pilates mat class. That was considerably more challenging, and the fact that I had trained the day before made it more so. Wednesday was some gentle cardio and Thursday was a circuit training class. Wellbeing on track!

After I left the Army I truly would have laughed at anyone that said I would voluntarily do another circuit class. I have to say thought that it was really fun. Well who would have thought it? Mind you, today is Sunday and I am still hurting. Onward and upward!! My own wellbeing is worth the effort.