28 Days

This is a personal journey of a month of only drinking home made juics and smoothies. Of course plenty of healthy avocado,  spinach and other nutritionally balanced ingredients Juicemaster style.

A key component of mental wellbeing is physical wellbeing and nutrition plays a key role.  Keeping yourself and your staff healthy is a vital element of a healthy and productive business.  Just how much of a part does nutrition play though? Could juice be the answer?

What I noticed in my own body is that nutrition and exercise have a massive part to play, so this year, by way of self-experimentation I want to see exactly how I feel when changing gear to a new level of care of my physical health.  I want to see exactly how that effects my mental health and my overall wellbeing.

Started the year with a 28 day detox “Juice master” style.  I am one week in and doing ok.  Actually it is a lot easier than I expected.  The first few days detox headache were pretty nasty but they went soon enough.  I made sure I hydrated and exercised and kepth healthy.  I did have rather a lot of over indulgence towards the end of last year to make up for too and had particularly noticed that I was feeling sluggish, was suffering a lot of indigestion and had put on a few pounds.

I should mention at this point I am not doing this with the intention of then suggesting this to clients.  I am not a nutritionist and would advise anyone wanting specific help to see someone qualified.  However, if this blog inspires you to take action in your own life or maybe change your direction then great.  Do let me know.