This is a personal journey of a month of only drinking home made juices and smoothies. Of course plenty of healthy avocado,  spinach and other nutritionally balanced ingredients Juicemaster style. I have to say, I feel juiced!

A key component of mental health is physical wellbeing and nutrition plays a key role.  Keeping yourself and your staff healthy is a vital element of a healthy and productive business.  Just how much of a part does nutrition play though? Can you get juiced too?

What I noticed in my own body is that nutrition and exercise have a massive part to play, so this year, by way of self-experimentation I want to see exactly how I feel when changing gear to a new level of care of my physical health.  I want to see exactly how that effects my mental health and my overall wellbeing.

What can I say I am physically and mentally juiced. I feel great.

I did actually have a small meal part way through the week. Being out at a business meeting early and there all day, I had not taken the time to plan properly. I had my breakfast smoothie and then ran out thinking I would find something for lunch that was suitable. I didn’t, it was an important lesson in planning! Good health, like everything else, takes time, effort and planning. I am beginning to realise that when I plan my business week and my personal dairy that meals and exercise are an integral part of that plan. I am going to start doing a meal plan that can be flexible to suit my business diary, and keep me moving forward with my health goals. Still feeling juiced though.

This week also highlighted that life is about choices. Having a goal is great. Sticking to that goal needs commitment, and that may require a little more effort than is desired at a particular moment in time. Taking the easy choice might mean that your goal takes a little longer. It is up to you which option you take, but which ever choice that is, live with it. Complaining you did not achieve that particular milestone that week when you made choices that could have made a difference, will not help. Take it as a lesson and move on and do it differently next time. Juiced will have to wait!