This is a personal journey of a month of only drinking home made juices and smoothies. Of course plenty of healthy avocado,  spinach and other nutritionally balanced ingredients Juicemaster style.

A key component of mental wellbeing is physical wellbeing and nutrition plays a key role.  Keeping yourself and your staff healthy is a vital element of a healthy and productive business.  Just how much of a part does nutrition play though?

What I noticed in my own body is that nutrition and exercise have a massive part to play, so this year, by way of self-experimentation I want to see exactly how I feel when changing gear to a new level of care of my physical health.  I want to see exactly how that effects my mental health and my overall wellbeing.

I am really feeling the difference now. After the Pilates class on Monday I really felt that endorphin rush, I felt completely invincible and ready for anything. I can’t actually remember the last time I felt this good. Still sticking with just juices and smoothies, four a day in total. I can honestly say I have not had a single hunger pang so far, having sat though business lunches dinners, happily drinking my smoothie of juice and hydrating with water. I am beginning to realise that I really do not drink anywhere near as much water as I should. After a day of juice I am thirsty so I am ensuring that I am now including more water. I feel that as my body is more hydrated it is more able to absorb the water.

I am beginning to notice some really interesting side effect now. When I sit down to write everything seems easier. Words seem to flow and I feel really calm. Writing has sometimes been a bit of a chore, but it would seem that good health means I am much more in flow and therefore in touch with my creativity. How wonderfully unexpected!

I also have a great bonus that I really look healthy on the outside too. I am not seeing the usual ravages of winter weather and indoor heating. My skin is really glowing and looks nourished. It feels softer too.