About Alison Charles – Wellbeing and Stress Management Specialist

Hello there! I’m Alison Charles, dedicated to helping individuals embrace change and thrive. With over 30 years of experience spanning military intelligence to corporate leadership, I’m passionate about creating environments where people can grow, flourish, and reach their full potential.

A Journey of Resilience and Growth

My career began in military intelligence and evolved into leading corporate teams, providing me with a unique approach to stress management. Generally, these experiences have shaped my ability to help individuals navigate change with confidence. In particular, embracing change has been the cornerstone of my success, and I love sharing this mindset to empower others.

The Real Resilience Framework

My diverse background led me to create the Real Resilience Framework, a powerful programme designed to foster resilience and wellbeing. This programme is the heart of my business, dedicated to helping others build their own resilience. By working with me, you’ll gain access to this transformative programme, which can help you thrive in any situation.

From Military to Corporate – A Rich Tapestry of Experience

Firstly, starting my career in the British Army’s Intelligence Corps was a thrilling introduction to high-stress environments where managing wellbeing was crucial. This foundation prepared me for everything that followed.

In the corporate world, I provided large-scale global solutions for Learning and Development, Corporate Well-being, HR, HSSE, and Finance with companies like Hambros Bank and Shell International UK. My expertise spans Programme Management, Change Management, and Organizational Development, with a core focus on change management and communication. My extensive experience means I can offer practical, proven strategies to help you and your organization succeed.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Wellbeing

Obviously, as a driven career woman, I set high standards for myself. However, by 2011, external pressures led to a significant stress crisis. Despite having a successful career. I was without effective coping strategies, I had to rebuild from scratch. Today, I am stronger and more resilient, equipped with tools to prevent such a crisis from happening again. Furthermore, by sharing my journey and the lessons I’ve learned, I can help you develop the resilience needed to overcome your own challenges.

Finding Balance with Meditation and Clinical Somatic Movement

I maintain my health and resilience through meditation and clinical somatic movement. These practices are my secret weapons for staying grounded, focused, and ready to tackle any challenge life throws my way. I can teach you these techniques to help you achieve a balanced and stress-free life.

Join Me on This Journey of Wellbeing and Resilience

Working with me means more than just improving your stress management skills; it’s about creating a thriving future. Together, we can develop personalized strategies to enhance your wellbeing and resilience, ensuring you can handle whatever comes your way.

Master of Stress-Free Living: Gardening, Crafts, and Music Buff

Equally important, in my downtime, I find my zen by spending quality time in my garden, pottering around to keep stress at bay. Together with things like crafting homemade cards and knitting help me stay grounded, and I love giving handmade gifts. Additionally, I enjoy singing and tinkering on the piano, embracing the joy of these activities.

Let’s embark on this journey together and create a thriving, resilient future for you!

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