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About Alison Charles – Wellbeing Specialist

These are just the highlights about me and the key turning points of my life. I am a wellbeing specialist who helps individuals and organisations embrace change and succeed. Passionate about helping people and organisations to create the space to grow, flourish and reach their potential. I have over 30 years’ experience in a number of senior roles from being a military intelligence officer to a corporate leader. She is driven by helping others to achieve success.

Learning to embrace change, and all the opportunities that come along with it, has been key to my success. Helping companies do the same using my 30 years’ experience gained with a variety of military, government and large corporate organisations is what I do best.

All this experience has led me to create the Real Resilience Framework and that’s now such an important element that I’ve founded a whole new business around it. You can read more about that here Real Resilience

Military and Corporate Business Woman

Starting my career in the British Army in the Intelligence Corp gave me a good foundation for everything that came afterward. It is a high-stress, high-reward environment. Managing the well-being of yourself and others is essential in this atmosphere.

My experience is borne from a career providing large-scale global solutions for Learning and Development, Corporate Well-being, HR, HSSE, and Finance in companies such as Hambros Bank and latterly Shell International UK.  I developed skills that are core to the roles of Programme Management, Change Management, and Organisational Development. Change management and communication are at the core of everything I do.

Above all, as a career woman, I pushed myself hard and had high personal standards. Unfortunately, by 2011, external pressure mounted. I suffered from stress and needed time out. With no coping strategies at that time, I had to rebuild from the ground up. Now I am stronger than I was before and know-how to ensure it never happens again.

Harley Davidson Enthusiast

I have had my Harley since 2012. You can see me winding around the country lanes on a sunny day.

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