Real Resilience

The need for real resilience in organisations is needed now more than ever. As such we’ve developed a whole offering around that for organisations – you can find out more here:  Real Resilience

My name is Alison Charles and I’m the creator of Real Resilience, and also a speaker, author and coach and I’m so glad you are here.  You can book me to speak, take up coaching and read about my books below.



Alison Charles, Institute of Directors, Thursday, 2nd December 2021


Alison’s specialist subject is Wellbeing for Life. There has been a continued increase in reported incidents of stress-related illnesses in the last decade. This trend can be reversed and are less common where there is a stronger focus on employee engagement and wellbeing.

The strength of your business is having happy, healthy employees and a great reputation.

Employees First

Companies that provide employees with wellness benefits are those that show they value their employees. Companies that show they value employees are more likely to retain and attract the employees they want to ensure their future.

Happy, healthy employees are also more productive so benefits your ROI too. If you would like to discuss Alison coming to talk at your conference, event, or lunch and learn? Would be interested to hear more about the interactive and fun workshops she runs then please call 07768 493157.

Alison Charles, Institute of Directors, Thursday, 2nd December 2021


Stress shows up in the body, our behaviours, and our being. Perhaps you have a tense neck and shoulders or have a niggling pain in your back, if you are getting overwhelmed with all the tasks that seem insurmountable, or irrationally emotional, the chances are that you are being affected by stress. You do not have to live with any of those, they can all be surmounted with coaching and guidance.

Aspects of personality

Our personas mean that we cope differently and each of us needs a unique approach to letting go of the pressure that’s creating a life that is more difficult than it needs to be. Whether that has been stimulated by work, home or life situation.

Basically, we will review and tailor a coaching package to meet your personal needs. My coaching is a combination of Somatic Movement, Lumina personality profiling, and good directional coaching. You can read more here

Alison Charles, Institute of Directors, Thursday, 2nd December 2021


It was my honour and privilege to be a contributing author of the fabulous book: “Effective Directors. The Right Questions to Ask”. If you turn to chapter 11 you will find my Health and Well-being section.

You can order an open-source copy of the book from here

Effective Directors | The Right Questions to Ask (QTA) | Charlotte Val (

Or a paper copy of the book from here

Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask (QTA) – 1st Edition – (

Given that I have that book finished, now I am working on my next exciting project writing a book of my own.  Yes, it is going to be all about Real Resilience. It is very early days yet to give further details. Watch this space for more information in the coming months.

Why Choose Alison?

You coaching and advice were excellent in helping me provide the framework, and environment to get our employee back on track – both in thier work life, and home life.

  • They were able to reduce their reliance on prescribed medication
  • They shared their anxieties and the possible solutions with family and friends
  • And they ended the year as our top performer

Many thanks on both our behalf’s – and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

David Gavins, Sales Director, BCMS

Really enjoyed the session on wellbeing. Alison was highly experienced and knowledgeable, providing insight on really current topics such as mental health. It gave me some useful tips to take away and use in my daily life, to improve my stress levels as well as advice in approaching management if required.

Jessica Crosby,  EU Sales Manager

We asked Alison to help us with our IT staff meeting by leading a session on well-being. Alison did a lot of work in advance of the day, finding out about what our people do and our specific needs so that she could tailor the session so that we could get the most out of it. In the session itself, Alison was very enthusiastic and is clearly an expert in her field, the chatter as we left for the break was incredibly positive with people saying they would be trying some of the techniques from the session.

Alison was very professional and easy to deal with throughout our work together and continues to keep us updated with information on well-being.

Tony Errington,  IT Business Manager. British Red Cross