Are you neglecting your most valuable
resource: YOUR PEOPLE?

Real Resilience: Business and Individual Success

There is tremendous uncertainty in the current work climate. Employee health and wellbeing has never been more important. Managing and engaging your employees re now bottom-line issues. All organisations urgently need to create cultures that enhance wellbeing and help your employees to thrive, not just survive.

Likewise, how we treat ourselves and manage stress and anxiety levels has a direct correlation to performance and wellbeing.

Are you promoting wellbeing in your workplace?

There has been a continued increase in reported incidents of stress-related illnesses in the last decade. This trend can be reversed by and are less common where there is a stronger focus on employee engagement and wellbeing.

The strength of your business is having happy, healthy staff and a great reputation.

Companies who provide staff with wellness benefits are those that show they value their staff. Companies who show they value staff are more likely to retain and attract the staff they want to ensure their future.

Happy, healthy staff are also more productive so benefits your ROI too.

For more information visit the Wellbeing Strategy page

Do you need a little extra support and training for your staff?

Whatever you training needs we have a selection of different options to suit your needs.  Perhaps helping staff with Stress Management strategies.  These training sessions are practical and give lots of hints and tips.

Perhaps your managers need help with recognising stress and knowing how to respond. Some training can quickly and easily give them the tools they need.

Do you want business champions to help manage your ongoing company wellbeing programme?

Perhaps you are looking for some training to help you overcome the stress of public speaking because it is holding you back in your career.

Go to the training page for more information.

Are you feeling
the stress?

It can be incredibly lonely feeling stressed.  You are probably reluctant to admit that you can’t cope in case anyone thinks you are not up to your job.

Stress can affect your performance at work and can impact your family life too.  When stress piles on, one incident after another, it only takes something small to push you over the edge.

If you are feeling like this, it is time to get some help, or you might hit burnout.

People who suffer from stress tend to be very stong people, but even strong people who look after everyone else need someone to help look after them occasionally.

If this sounds like you go to the Stress Management page for more information