Accelerate the success of your organisation through the resilience and wellbeing of your employees

Stress is now the most common cause of long-term absence

Organisations tend to be more effective at supporting people with mental health problems than actively promoting good mental well-being. Recent studies in the UK show an increase in reported mental health problems (such as anxiety and depression) among employees in the past 12 months. The public sector, however, are twice as likely as the private to report an increase and larger organisations within each sector are also more likely to do so. An increase in reported mental health problems is strongly associated with an increase in stress-related absence. Stress is now the most common cause of long term absence according to recent studies carried out by the CIPD. Both are related to the current long hours’ culture and technological advancements.

Yet this trend can be reversed by and are less common where there is a stronger focus on employee well-being.

Many organisations are taking some action to promote good mental health/emotional wellbeing, through flexible working options, employee assistance programmes and counselling. However this indicates that organisations are better at supporting people with mental health problems than actively promoting good mental well-being.

Over 60 % of staff are disconnected from their workplace costing you in productivity!

At the moment absenteeism is high, communication is strained, and staff can be generally stressed. This means that productivity is low. One in three staff report having mental ill health during the course of their career.

Can you afford it?

The cost to your business on average is 7 days per person per year, costing an average of £522 per day. (Public sector this is nearer to £850). This only covers tangible costs like sick pay. Just think what the real number is in loss of productivity? The amount of absentee ism is particularly increasing in the private sector services. Accountancy, financial services, Banking and Consultancy to name a few.

The strength of your business is having happy, healthy staff. This means productive staff and is a critical component of success. One of the major issues these days is, with the ever increasing modern technology, there is no such thing as work life balance per se any more. People are always connected, always looking at email, answering the phone and looking at social media.

Having a good mental health strategy for your business is a key component of reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and improving communication. Happy staff are productive staff.

My programme “Prosper Through People” can help.

Through targeted training for HR, managers and staff this trend can be reversed. Are you ready to take steps to change the dialog in your company?

 To discuss your requirements phone us now to schedule a complimentary 30 minute exploratory session. For more information and details on our “Prosper Through People” programme take a look at our Services page.

Can you afford not to?

Do you want to be one of the 5% of companies that provide standalone employee mental health policies and training? The well-being approach also brings benefits for people at all levels inside and outside the workplace. It makes the workplace a more productive, attractive and corporately responsible place to work. Positive well-being can also benefit the local community and, more broadly, the country as a whole because of well people requiring less support from the health services.

Companies who provide staff with wellness benefits are those that show they value staff. Organisations who show they value staff are more likely to retain and attract the staff they want to ensure their future.

For every 80p spent on health promotion and intervention programmes, £4 can be saved due to reduced  absenteeism, temporary staff, presenteeism and improved motivation. (The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion – sourced: International Stress Management Association UK, 2011).

Accelerate your strength, health and success

To discuss your staff wellbeing or your own please call Alison on 07768 493157, or for more information and details on our “Prosper Through People” programme take a look at the Services page.


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