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Alison Charles is an inspiring speaker, wellbeing consultant, entrepreneur and… singer!

She is available for conferences, team talks and network events and will leave a lasting positive impression on audiences. Book Alison for one of her intriguing and inspiring talks.

Alison also supports her charitable work through her speaking to small local groups.  If you are a local group like U3A,  WI or local Women’s Group and are interested in having Alison speak at your event there is a special fee structure just for you.  You can find the details here: Alison Charles on Public Speakers Corner

Alison's Talks

Building Real Resilience

Real Resilience comes from ownership at all levels of an organisation. Therefore, when everyone knows what do to, how to do it and why they are doing it, the business is adaptable, flexible, and able to transform and grow.  Any business that is resistant to change is risking its future.

There is a tremendous strain on leaders to deliver in an ever-changing environment. Strategies and structures have to be designed for agility and speed. Leaders need to understand what real resilience is and how to build it effectively. This is the key to prosperity, productivity, and robustness.

In this talk, Alison explains how organisations or individuals can achieve Real Resilience. The talk is tailored according to whether you refer an individual or organisation focus.


Using Somatic Movement to Release Stress and Pain

Somatic Movement is a powerful yet gentle movement that helps release stress and pain from the body. We can be in pain just from sitting hunched at our desks too long. From standing in a particular way and putting more pressure on one side of the body. Even from carrying children and bags on the same side of our bodies. We can also be in pain as a result of a trauma or accident.

Alison helps audiences understand how all these things can lead to pain and stress in the body and how they can be released. She takes audiences through some gentle and simple movements to first get in touch with the body. Then she will walk you through a couple of movements that you can do sitting on a chair. The movements will be focused on releasing the back and core to give relief to the most common ailment of the human race, back pain.!

From Stressed to Best

Perhaps you or your employees suffering from overwhelming stress? Do you have employees reluctantly returning, still feeling burned out even after a break?

Alison helps audiences recognise the stress danger signs, avoid burnout and motivates them to learn balance. This is regardless of the pace of business life. Drawing on her experience of working in high-stress environments, and her won burnout, and the steps it took to return to work. She will share valuable guidance on managing stress.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Alison works with corporate companies to implement Wellbeing Programmes – Providing a secure and safe workplace is a matter of law. Taking health and safety seriously – and being seen to do so – enhances a company’s reputation as an employer and business partner. There is also the commercial sense in getting it right first time, rather than bearing the risk of greater cost when things go wrong.

Well-being starts in the boardroom. In this talk, she helps companies that are considering wellbeing initiatives to understand the basics.  This talk is also ideal for Professional bodies to include in their conferences as a thought-provoking topic for companies to consider. It gives delegates ideas that they can take back with them to their workplace.


Alison’s topic included activities for the attendees to really drive home the points she made.  Alison made it fun and a very valid illustration of the practical application of the techniques in a way that invited the audience to really consider how they interact with stakeholders.

The networking event afterward was lively and Alison was generous with her time to those that wanted to know more. In short, we thoroughly enjoyed Alison coming to speak to us and have had nothing but positive feedback from the event.”

James Hickman BSC(Hons.) MBCS CEng CITP, British Computer Society

“We worked with Alison at the Annual Asset Integrity Management Summit where she gave a very in-depth overview of change management and the successful implementation of change within the workforce. In an industry where soft skills can often be overlooked, this workshop offered an excellent opportunity for asset maintenance professionals to understand how to robustly integrate new systems and processes by effectively managing employee integration and buy-in. With a very hands-on approach to the workshop along with excellent content, we are sure to work with Alison again on future projects.”

Carly Green, Senior Conference Director, Oil and Gas IQ

“Alison has a great understanding of business pressure, and stratagems to cope and improve the individuals and the business”

Chris Heard, IT Manager Shell.