Wellbeing: Whose responsibility is it?

Wellbeing in the workplace is a hot topic at the moment, but do we really understand what it is all about.  On the news, they are talking about Mental Health.  So what does it mean … Read the rest

Do you find speaking in public stressful?

Do you need to step up and speak in front of audiences to promote your business and showcase your expertise?  Or perhaps you are seeking promotion of have been recently promoted and now … Read the rest

Volunteering helps Build Emotional Wellbeing

Did you know that volunteering has considerable benefits for helping manage you emotional wellbeing and good mental health.  It can also help give direction and meaning when perhaps it might be lacking.  When you volunteer … Read the rest

Young people and mental health

This really shocked me recently, how much youngsters are suffering with mental health issues, even really young children as young as 5. According to research for BBC School Report, half of teenagers with  issues try … Read the rest

May Mental Health

Why do we focus on mental health?

In the UK we have a whole month focussed on Mental Health, but last week was specifically in the focus of Mental Health Awareness week. There have been a multitude of programmes, articles … Read the rest

This is a personal journey of a month of only drinking home made juics and smoothies. Of course plenty of healthy avocado,  spinach and other nutritionally balanced ingredients Juicemaster style.

A key component of mental wellbeing is physical wellbeing and … Read the rest