How I managed to get rid of my lower back pain – forever!

A few years back I had been suffering from lower back pain for a couple of months. I went to my usual “Goto” fixes. The osteopath and the shiatsu practitioner. Nothing seemed to do anything more than give relief for a couple of days and then it was back. Just as bad as it had been before. I was desperate. I started searching google for some alternatives.

Why pain can be such a pain!

Pain is one of the most universal human experiences, yet it is also one of the most difficult to define and understand. Pain is often described as a feeling of discomfort or suffering. It is a complex sensation that is both physical and emotional, and it can be difficult to pinpoint its exact cause. There are many different types of pain, from the sharp, stabbing pain of a paper cut to the dull, aching pain of a headache. Pain can be short-lived or chronic, and it can be mild or severe. No matter what form it takes, pain is always unpleasant and can be a great source of distress. Causing you to feel stress! It is so hard to concentrate when you are in pain. It impacts every part of your life, not just the physical.

The secret to success

I started searching google for some alternatives. That is when I came across Somatic Movement. I just started with an online training course. I learned how the muscles travel through the body and cause pain in completely different places from where the main muscles are located. Bingo – I had my back problem culprit – the psoas muscles. It is a bit of a tricky muscle to reach. If it is tight through the hips then it can cause ridiculous amounts of pain in the lower back that can be quite incapacitating. It can be stretched but that is not usually a very lasting solution. The psoas movement in somatics is really easy to learn though and can give instant relief.

It was so life changing I qualified as a teacher of somatic movement. My back has never been better and has taken my self care to a whole new level.

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