Over 60 % of staff are disconnected from their workplace at the moment.

Absenteeism is high, communication is strained, and staff are generally stressed. All this means that productivity is low. In some cases staff are so disconnected they are actively dissing their employer. Does that help your business and does it support your staff? Of course not.

The strength of your business is having happy, healthy staff. This means productive staff and is a critical component of success.

One of the major issues these days is, with the ever increasing modern technology, there is no such thing as work life balance per se any more. People are always connected, always looking at email, answering the phone and looking at social media.

Having a good mental health strategy for your business is a key components of reducing absenteeism and improving communication. Happy staff are productive staff.

Accelerate you strength, health and success

To discuss your particular concerns please Alison on 07768 493157, or for more information and details on our programme take a look at the Driving your mental health agenda page.


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