Wellbeing in the Workplace

Happy, healthy, productive employees invariably mean a healthy bottom line for the company.

Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization and is estimated to cost UK businesses billions. According to ACAS Mental ill-health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days each year, more than for any other illness.

The Stevenson/Farmer review commissioned by the Government in October 2017 reported that “The cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole is more than both of those together from lost output, at between £74 billion and £99 billion per year.”

If you have a stress epidemic in your organisation then this is the inoculation

Wellbeing and stress management initiatives in the workplace ideally should be driven from the Boardroom down through the organisation.  This is the only way to bring about positive and lasting change.  The way that management behaves drives how the rest of the organisation behaves.  Where stress is detected, its cause should be identified and the underlying problems addressed.

In a space where there are often constraints on resources and you are reliant on a lot of staff goodwill, it really makes a difference for those staff members to know that you are supporting them in their own development.  Your organisation will be able to continue to support and develop staff, which in turn helps them become more resilient and more productive.

The solution is often easier than you think.  It is a combination of:

  • Observation
  • Training
  • Systems
  • Risk Assessments
  • Stress Mapping

All underpinned by a solid Wellbeing Strategy that supports the staff and the management.

Having the right support in place becomes part of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  Staff that are provided with training and support are more productive, more able to cope with change and more resilient under pressure.  They also feel very favourable towards the company that supports them so as well as improving your Return on Investment (ROI) you also get to improve your company reputation as well.  Everyone wants to know what a company offers as part of the EVP.  It is more than just a paycheque.  People are your biggest asset.  By investing in your people you are also investing in your future.

We provide a holistic approach that gives a solution through

  • Observation
  • Identification
  • Implementation

We help you through every step of the journey.  Some of the solutions we design also include an online support tool for Business Champions and eLearning facilities for staff.

Solutions are designed with your business in mind.  To find out more call today on 020 3290 3157.