Wellbeing and Resilience Training (4 hours)

Wellbeing and resilience is aimed at helping employees, at all levels, be the best version of themselves that they can be.

It is designed to engage people in the topic of wellbeing and the impact that their choices can have on their long-term health. It will help staff understand how the pressure of work and personal life can lead to health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.

The session provides an opportunity to ensure that all staff know where to go for help and what is covered by any in-house wellbeing resources.

Sessions are designed to be fun and interactive.


  • To know the difference between stress and pressure
  • To increase participants’ understanding of stress, anxiety and depression
  • To increase participants’ ability to cope with emotional distress or stressful life events and support colleagues to do the same
  • To increase participants’ understanding of the importance of wellbeing focussing on the 3 pillars of Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing and Emotional Wellbeing.  How having one of these pillars out of balance can cause the other pillars to topple over
  • Learn how to develop personal resilience
  • Understand their own stress tolerance levels
  • Know the difference between bullying and harassement
  • Leave with their personalised plan of how to increase their own resilience


By the end of this training, staff will:

  • Understand the impact of stress on the body and the importance of destressing
  • Understand the early warning signs of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Learn how to talk to a colleague they feel might be having issues
  • Learn about emotional resilience and how to develop it
  • Have developed a plan to build their own emotional resilience at work
  • Understand where to find help
  • Understand their own stress triggers and what impact their choices have on their own wellbeing
  • Know how to deal with bullying and harassment
  • Understand how a willingness to learn and develop can support them