Manager Awareness Training (4 hours)

Training sessions that are designed for all levels of management, for anyone that has responsibility for staff, whether that be just a couple or many staff.

These sessions will engage people on the topic of wellbeing in the workplace. It will cover the impact that some choices today can have on their long-term health and that of their staff.

Sessions are designed to be fun and interactive.


This training provides Managers with:

  • A greater awareness of wellbeing issues in the workplace
  • Ability to spot the danger signs that perhaps a member of their team is struggling.
  • Knowledge of how to carry out an intervention
  • Know how to support as needed by the staff member.
  • The tools to understand and support staff returning to work after an extended period of absence.
  • How to manage their own wellbeing


By the end of the training managers will:

  • Have a better understanding of the real issues surrounding wellbeing and dispelling any myths and stigmas
  • Understand why wellbeing matters and the impact of work on health
  • Understand the current increase in wellbeing issues and what can be done about it
  • Understand the early warning signs and how to take action
  • Learn how to start, what can be difficult conversations, and make them comfortable
  • Know where to seek help and advice and what is available through the company
  • Understand their own stress tolerance levels
  • Have their own plan to manage stress

The training provides a practical toolkit for managing staff and making sure that their wellbeing is optimum. It is an experiential and practical approach for managers. It improves productivity and resilience.