Business Champions

Having business champions to lead further sessions and be the go to people in your organsiation helps keep Wellbeing in the Workplace initiatives alive.  Theyhelp signpost the way forward and point people in the right direction.

Training (2 day intensive)

The business champions must first attend the Staff Resilience Training so they are aware of the basics already, before continuing to learn how to support and continue the programme within the business


  • To continue to reduce any stigma about mental health and facilitate sessions like Lunch and Learns to continue sharing of experiences and telling positive personal stories of recovery
  • Provide a space for reflections, experiences and lessons learned from the training
  • To learn how to facilitate ongoing sessions for staff reflection and development
  • Ensure that there are support networks available to provide a safe space to talk about work related issues
  • Keep the dialog going about good mental health
  • Ensure staff know where to go for help


By the end of this training, staff will:

  • Be able to run Lunch and Learns
  • Organise other meetings and facilitate discussions on good mental health
  • Be able to continue to reduce stigma about mental health within the organisation
  • Be able to run 1 hour mini mental health briefing for new staff
  • Understand how to encourage continuous learning in others
  • Run webinars

Business Champions Support Group

(1 hour telecon and adhoc email)

The key to ensuring the continued success of the “Prosper Through People Programme” is ensuring the Businss Champions have the relevant tools to continue the work in the organsiation.  They  will have email access to be able to ask any questions or get support and advice for a specific question that might arise during the course of the sessions that they will run.

They will be provided with 12 exercises to be run within the organsiation at thier discretion.  There is no limit to how many times they cn run the sessions.  They exercises are designed to take an hour, allowing 45 minutes for the exercise and 15 minutes Q&A. They are a combination of information sharing and group exercises that they will lead staff through.

They will also be invited to a quarterly 1 hour teleconference where they will have the opportunity to ask questions, continue their learning and development and give feedback on exercises and progress. This support will be provided for 12 months. Extensions are available at an extra cost.

The support group is their beacon to light thier way.  It helps them ensure they have the latest information to be able to pass on to your organsiation.