Appraisal Training for Managers (3 hours)

Training for managers to carry out the appraisal process including skills training in giving feedback and handling performance discussions. Teaching how to emphasise fairness and raise awareness of potential sources of bias.

Suitable for team leaders, supervisors, and managers who conduct corporate appraisal and performance review interviews.


  • To know why the why the organisation needs documented appraisals
  • To know the tools needed and benefits of running appraisal meetings
  • To know how to encourage high performance in your employees


  • Confidently plan and prepare for a successful review meeting
  • Improve your communication skills and remain fair and consistent with all staff
  • Improve your listening skills and tackle performance problems effectively.
  • Develop honest and open communications during review meeting.
  • Show empathy and inspire and motivate staff to perform better
  • Understand how to set clear objectives