Training Overview


If you require Wellbeing or Stress Management training for your organisation there are a variety of training courses available, that can be adapted to suit your needs.

  • Mini-Workshop
  • Manager Awareness Training
  • Staff Resilience Training
  • Business Champion Training
  • Appraisal Training for Employees
  • Appraisal Training for Managers
  • Overcome the Stress of Public Speaking

Mini Workshop

Mini Workshops are ideal for companies looking for a short punchy workshop on Wellbeing in the workplace.

They typically fit well into Lunch and Learn sessions or short tasters. They run for 60 minutes, which breaks down into 45 minutes workshop and 15 minutes Questions and Answers.

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Manager Awareness Training


Training sessions that are designed for all levels of management, for anyone that has responsibility for staff, whether that be just a couple or many staff.

These sessions will engage people on the topic of wellbeing in the workplace. It will cover the impact that some choices today can have on their long-term health and that of their staff.

By the end of the session, managers will understand how to spot relevant changes in behaviour that are the signpost to stress being an issue for a member of staff.  They will feel confident in carrying out the relevant intervention and have the tools available to support staff back into work after long-term absence.

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Staff Resilience Training

Staff resilience is aimed at helping staff be the best version of themselves that they can be.

It is designed to engage people in the topic of wellbeing and the impact that their choices can have on their long-term health. It will help staff understand how the pressure of work and personal life can lead to health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.

The session will arm them with the tools to build resilience and manage stress.

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Business Champion Training


Have people in your own organisation, with a passion for Wellbeing, will help ensure ongoing development and help embed changes and communications.

There are 2 packages on offer to help achieve this.  Firstly the initial training for your chosen Champions to help ensure they know how to carry out all further training needs of your company.  Secondly the Support Group.  This ensures that they have the support and training materials they need to carry on the Learning and Development within your organisation, so that it becomes a key part of your standard offering for Learning and Development.

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Appraisal Training for Employees


Employees tend to find the appraisal process either very daunting or they don’t know how to use it for their development and growth.  However they are the employees opportunity to ensure their manager is aware of everything theydo and everything they think they should know.

This course helps employees learn to embrace the appraisal process as a time for self reflection, gowth and direction setting.  It also helps employees learn how to self appraise in a way that is an added value to them and thier manager and therefore their employer.

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Appraisal Training for Managers

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Training for managers to carry out the appraisal process including skills training in giving feedback and handling performance discussions. Teaching how to emphasise fairness and raise awareness of potential sources of bias.

Suitable for team leaders, supervisors, and managers who conduct corporate appraisal and performance review interviews.

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Is Fear of Public Speaking Holding You Back

Standing up and speaking in public can be stressful. It does not matter whether it is in front of your work colleagues, doing a small presentation or whether it in front of a large audience. It can be an uncomfortable experience for many people.

Is the fear of public speaking stopping you?

Are you avoiding taking on a new role because it involves speaking in front of people?

Are you avoiding taking on a promotion?

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