Driving Your Mental Health Agenda

Prosper Through People Programme


There is a lot of focus, at the moment, on Mental Health, both in the media and within professional organisations like the CIPD and the IOD.  This is because mental Health in the workplace is such a big issue in the UK. There is a massive amount of pressure on business owners to keep up with changes just to be able to stay in business.   There is a vast amount of pressure on staff to work smarter, take on more responsibility and work longer hours. The technological age also brings with it a new set of challenges, with many people being constantly connected to work through email on phones and tablets, through social media and just the phones in general.

Having a Mental Health Policy in place is just the first step.  However, this will not help managers to recognise and discuss mental health issues with staff.

At the core of the “Prospering Through People” Programme is training and development for HR staff and Managers

  • To be able to recognise early warning signs of stress, anxiety and depression
  • How to introduce and manage necessary conversation
  • How to provide the appropriate support at the appropriate time

As individuals we can do an awful lot to build resilience to be able manage stress and anxiety.  The second component to the programme is staff Resilience training.

Neither of these elements will provide long term success unless there are key individuals in your organisation that champion good mental health.  These people need to keep the dialog going, providing discussions groups and ensuring that people have access to the right resources.

The third element to the Programme is the intensive Champions Training.

Executive Management Briefing Sessions (1 ½ hours per person)

This briefing is designed to ensure that Executives have an understanding of the business case for managing health and wellbeing in the workplace.


  • Ensuring awareness of the business case for promoting good mental health in the workplace
  • An understanding of the objectives and content of all other agreed sessions
  • Alignment on the business wellness policy to ensure that correct information is referred to during training and any relevant risk assessments.


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of the real issues surrounding mental health and emotional wellbeing and dispelling any myths and stigmas
  • Understand why good mental health matters and the impact of work on mental health
  • Understand the frequency of mental health issues and common health problems across different sectors and in their own business
  • Agree where staff can seek help and what is available

This session also allows the trainer to understand the business and tailor to any specific needs of the management team.

Alignment on business wide change and communication approach before training begins. It is recommended that the executive team have a townhall session or record a video to release to staff about the programme plus other relevant communication channels.

These sessions are carried out at an agreed time in advance of the training to enable the relevant change and communications to be carried out.

A optional debrief can also be carried out when the training is completed with feedback from the sessions.

Manager Awareness Training (3 hours)

Training sessions that are designed for all levels of management, for anyone that has responsibility for staff, whether that be just a couple or many staff.

These sessions will engage people on the topic of good mental health and emotional wellbeing and the impact that some choices today can have on their long term health and that of their staff.


This training provides Managers with:

  • A greater awareness of mental health issues in the workplace
  • Being able to spot the danger signs that perhaps a member of their team is struggling.
  • How to carry out an intervention
  • Know how to support as needed by the staff member.
  • How to understand and support staff returning to work after an extended period of absence.
  • How to manage their own wellbeing


By the end of the training managers will:

  • Have a better understanding of the real issues surrounding mental health and emotional wellbeing and dispelling any myths and stigmas
  • Understand why emotional wellbeing matters and the impact of work on mental health
  • To understand the current increase in mental health issues and what can be done about it
  • Understand the early warning signs and how to take action
  • Learn how to start, what can be difficult conversations, and make them comfortable
  • Know where to seek help and advice and what is available through the company
  • Understand their own stress tolerance levels
  • Have their own plan to manage resilience under pressure

The training provides a practical toolkit to managing staff with stress.  It is an experiential and practical approach for managers.  It improves productivity and resilience.

Staff Resilience Training (3 hours)

Staff resilience is aimed at helping staff be the best version of themselves that they can be.

It is designed to engage people in the topic of good mental health and emotional wellbeing and the impact that their choices can have on their long term health.  It will help staff understand how the pressure of work and personal life can lead to mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression.

The session provides an opportunity to ensure that staff know where to go for help and what is covered by any in-house wellbeing resources and the “Prosper Through People” Online programme.


  • To reduce any stigma about mental health
  • To know the difference between stress and pressure
  • To increase participants’ understanding of stress, anxiety and depression
  • To increase participants’ ability to cope with emotional distress or stressful life events and support colleagues to do the same
  • To increase participants’ understanding about the importance of emotional wellbeing
  • To increase awareness how to develop resilience
  • Understand their own stress tolerance levels
  • Leave with their personalised plan of how to increase their own resilience


By the end of this training, staff will:

  • Have a better understanding of the real issues surrounding mental health and emotional wellbeing and dispelling any myths and stigmas
  • Understand the causes of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Understand the early warning signs of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Learn how talk to a colleague they feel might be having issues
  • Learn about emotional resilience and how to develop it
  • Understand the relationship between pressure and stress and how to know the difference
  • Have developed a plan to build their own emotional resilience at work
  • Understand where to find help
  • Understand their won stress triggers and what impact their choices have on their own wellbeing
  • Understand how a willingness to learn and develop can support them
  • Have a written plan to develop resilience and stay resilient in times of high pressure

The Importance of Having Business Champions

Training for new staff and keeping people talking about Good Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing is a key to changing company culture permanently, to remove any stigma of talking about Mental Health.  Have people in your own organisation, with a passion for the topic, will help ensure ongoing development and help embed changes and communications.

There are 2 packages on offer to help achieve this.  Firstly the initial training for your chosen Champions to help ensure they know how to carry out all further training needs of your company.  Secondly the Support Group.  This ensures that they have the support and training materials they need to carry on the Learning and Development within your organisation, so that it becomes a key part of your standard offering for Staff Learning and Development.  Having this in place also will reflect on how staff perceive the organisation they work for.  In a space where there are often constraints on resources and you are reliant on a lot of staff good will, it really makes a difference for those staff members to know that you are supporting them in their own development.  Your organisation will be able to continue to support and develop staff, which in turn helps them become more resilient and more productive.

Business Champions Training (2 day intensive)

The business champions must first attend the Staff  Resilience Training so they are aware of the basics already, before continuing to learn how to support and continue the programme within the business


  • To continue to reduce any stigma about mental health and facilitate sessions like “Lunch and Learns” to continue sharing of experiences and telling positive personal stories of recovery
  • Provide a space for reflections, experiences and lessons learned from the training
  • To learn how to facilitate ongoing sessions for staff reflection and development
  • Ensure that there are support networks available to provide a safe space to talk about work related issues
  • Keep the dialog going about good mental health
  • Ensure staff know where to go for help


By the end of this training, staff will be able to:

  • Facilitate sessions to continue to reduce any stigma about mental health
  • Organise other meetings and facilitate discussions on good mental health
  • Run 1 hour mini mental health briefing for new staff
  • Understand how to encourage continuous learning in others
  • Know where to get access to the online portal to download training materials for their sessions

Business Champions Support Group

(1 hour telecon and adhoc email)

The key to ensuring the continued success of the programme the business champions will have email access to be able to ask any questions or get support and advice for a specific question that might arise during the course of the sessions that they will run.

They will also be invited to a quarterly 1 hour teleconference where they will have the opportunity to ask questions, continue their learning and development and give feedback on exercises and progress.  This support will be provided for 12 months.  Extensions are available at an extra cost.

Prosper Through People Online Support Tool

The “Prosper Through People” online programme will be made available to all staff at an agreed period after training is completed.

The programme is an evolving set of tools providing a supportive environment that encourages healthy behaviors by combining Hints and Tips, videos, podcasts and blogs to reinforce staff training and provide continual development.  The Online resources are continually updated with the latest news and clinical studies information.

The portal encourage users to continue to be curious and continue learning about positive lifestyle choices and the integration between mental health, physical health and nutrition.

It gives guidance on areas that can be improved from a variety of topics including the importance of sleep, the effects of stress on the body, the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and many more

There is also a dedicated portal for business champions providing exercises with trainer notes and session layout and ideas for topics to cover.

Speak and Be Heard Programme

Standing up and presenting can be stressful for many people. It can be an uncomfortable experience, perhaps getting so nervous you lose the thread of what you were saying resulting in that awful blank moment and causing yourself public embarrassment. It is a key fear for most before speaking in front of an audience, whatever the size.

Speaking is a key skill for a business leader/owner and enables you to showcase your expertise at conference, meetings and networking events.

The Speak and Be Heard programme is specifically designed to help you  overcome the stress of speaking in public.

There are many different elements to consider, from how you put together your slides in a way that does not cause “Death by PowerPoint”, to how you stay calm and in control on stage. Depending on your experience and goals, the Diva will put together a specially tailor- made package just for you and your team.

Learn how to convey your ideas succinctly, in a way people understand. Understand how to convey your message with confidence and authority.

If this resonates with you then get in touch now and talk about your particular challenge. Coaching can be done 1-2-1 or for companies and corporate teams.

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