We invited Alison as a speaker to an intensive entrepreneurship training programme aimed at young women who have had difficult experiences in their lives. Alison delivered a very interesting session on building resilience and was engaging throughout. She was very generous with her time and provided us with great support when we needed it most.
We enjoyed the session very much and would like to see her come back in the future. A big thank you from the HERA team!









We worked with Alison at the Annual Asset Integrity Management Summit where she gave a very in-depth overview of change management and the successful implementation of change within the workforce. In an industry where soft skills can often be overlooked, this workshop offered an excellent opportunity for asset maintenance professionals to understand how to robustly integrate new systems and processes by effectively managing employee integration and buy-in. With a very hands on approach to the workshop along with excellent content, we are sure to work with Alison again on future projects.

Carly Green,  Senior Conference Director, Oil and Gas IQ


We invited Alison to be guest speaker at one of our monthly talks on the subject of getting stakeholder engagement when running a project.   Alison did a wonderful job of engaging the attendees with their broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience.  Her style was inclusive and welcoming, with Powerpoint disregarded in favour of a simple flipchart and clear messaging backed by a very obvious working knowledge of the subject.

Alison’s introduction of Neural Linguistic Programming to the topic included activities for the attendees to really drive home the points she made.  Whilst that sort of approach is novel to our meetings and if done poorly, can be quite awkward, Alison made it fun and a very valid illustration of the practical application of the techniques in a way that invited the audience to really consider how they interact with stakeholders.

The networking event afterwards was lively and Alison was generous with her time for those that wanted to know more. In short, we thoroughly enjoyed Alison coming to speak to us and have had nothing but positive feedback from the event. Thank you Alison.

James Hickman BSC(Hons.) MBCS CEng CITP, Committee member of London Central Branch, British Computer Society


Video Testimonial from Maria

I was just promoted to a new job and didn´t feel confident enough that I would succeed. This is when I met Alison on a mentoring circle she held. The first thing that impressed me about her was the utmost professionalism and personal attention to my problems. She genuinely wants to see people succeed and become a happier person. She is good listener and doesn’t attempt to wedge her clients into a pre-determined mold, but instead help people recognize their unique capabilities and areas where they need coaching. She is very good at finding the most effective technique that works for the individual within the shortest period of time.
Now I feel more confident that I can enjoy my job and I´m not concerned about the new challenges yet to come. I feel like a different person! Thank you!
Judit, London
” Alison Charles is an excellent coach. The session produced results that surpassed my expectations. The difference was huge. I felt lighter and a calm that felt like a profound release had occured. What impressed me so much about Alison as coach, was her instinct and ability to get to the root of the problem and I am very grateful to her. A wonderful lady with an enquiring nature and gentle patience who is committed to helping people. Highly recommended!”

D Beck


A year ago I suffered a fall down a flight of stairs in putting my arm out to save myself I ended up tearing the tendon in my left shoulder; and 6 weeks of physiotherapy were put in place to see this would help improve movement which had become restricted. I struggled with the everyday tasks such as doing my hair, getting dressed/undressed lifting arms above my head difficult and proved painful; hanging washing on the line; mowing the lawn, hovering ironing, lifting  and carrying , driving (difficulty turning my neck when reversing), holding anything with my left hand this would cause the arm to go into painful spasms.

I have not been able to enjoy, since my accident, taking part in Pilates classes and swimming.

Following my 6 weeks of physiotherapy, it was decided that I should be put forward for surgery to correct the injury.  The opportunity to try a session with Alison and the Quantum Laswer was a welcome break; I found the treatment relaxing and I experienced a pleasant warm tingling sensation.

Following the treatment I slept soundly without waking several times during the night. I became aware I had woken on my injured side of my shoulder. 3 weeks on I have become aware of my energy levels increased and the accustomed stiffened joints that regularly were painful and debilitating at times. I had been diagnosed with M.E and Fybromyalgia in 2004 this been a remarkable breakthrough to feel free of pain no longer taking painkillers and being able to have more energy no-longer requiring afternoon naps to desperately try and recharge my batteries and able to go through into the evening usually I would be needing to sleep early evening feeling exhausted, but now achieving later evenings.

I managed this week to hang my washing out for the first time in ages with greater mobility and less pain; and this has remained this way following my treatment. I have not had any further medication or treatments and realise that the only difference in my life has been Alison and the Quantum Laser.

I wish I could have discovered the laser much earlier; I am enjoying the freedom of experiencing less pain and more energy.

Nina Cusens , Salisbury.


“Having developed a fear of flying and anxiety over feeling ill during flights over the past few years, I considered many different types of treatment.  Having contacted Alison, I was able to discuss my problems and arrange an appointment without any delay.  Alison is an extremely professional coach, who came to my home and made me feel very comfortable and calm during my sessions.  Even at times when I felt anxious or emotional, Alison was able to teach me how to calm myself, almost immediately.  Having had just 2 sessions, I am feeling a lot better about flying and even in my day to day life.  Alison also provides aftercare via phone or email which is invaluable if anything crops up, or you are unsure about anything.  I would definitely recommend Alison to anyone.  Don’t suffer in silence, it’s pain free and drug free and could change your life.

Thank you once again for all your help.


“Initially I was a bit sceptical if and how the treatment would work. I really had a vertigo challenge for many years. Every time when I was on a mountain or even on a balcony I got shivers all over my body. This resulted in being afraid of moving. After my treatment I tried to go on a balcony I didn’t go on before… and it worked. No fear and I simply crossed it and even looked down…. Amazing.   I am not afraid anymore. Thank you and amazing what this treatment did for me. Really appreciated.”

R. Bronkers, the Netherlands

“Alison has invested both a great deal of time and finance to qualify and develop herself to a Mastery level in her trainings. She is a true out of the box thinker and will create elegant and practical applications to enable her clients to obtain the outcomes they seek as rapidly as is possible”

Clinical and Training Director

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