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Alison Charles is…

Diva on a Harley. Inspiring speaker, resilience expert, entrepreneur and… singer!

Diva on a Harley is available for conferences, team talks and network events and will leave a lasting positive impression on audiences in all arenas. Book the Diva for one her intriguing and inspiring talks.

Talk # 1: Stuck in One Gear

Are you or your staff suffering from regular stress? Do you have staff reluctantly returning to the boardroom, still burnt out after a break?

In this talk, Diva on a Harley helps audiences to recognise the stress danger signs, avoid corporate burnout and motivate them to choose a balanced work/life integration, regardless of the corporate pace. Drawing on her own past experience of nervous breakdown, retreat, and the steps it took to return to work, she will share valuable guidance on bouncing back to work with a new balance.

Talk # 2: Expecting someone taller? Make an impact

How do we make a lasting and positive impact on someone? Or in our work? Would you like to feel more empowered towards career and business success? In this talk the Diva share’s her insights into speaking up, becoming more visible, rapport building and how being a short woman in the corporate world was not a hindrance but a stepping stone to becoming the Diva on a Harley.

Talk # 3: Diva on a Harley

Who is the Diva on a Harley? In this talk Alison Charles shares her intriguing journey from being someone who suffered chronic shyness and low self-esteem in early life to recovering from rape and a destructive relationship, to overcoming a stress related illness and launching her own business. In short, Alison knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges.

Now an entrepreneur, international speaker and business owner, each of these experiences has helped her become the inspiring woman she is today. Gain valuable insight into the steps you can take to overcome professional and personal challenges, take charge of your destiny and start living a fuller and happier life.

Speaker testimonials

‘Alison’s introduction of Neural Linguistic Programming to the topic included activities for the attendees to really drive home the points she made.  Whilst that sort of approach is novel to our meetings and if done poorly, can be quite awkward, Alison made it fun and a very valid illustration of the practical application of the techniques in a way that invited the audience to really consider how they interact with stakeholders.

The networking event afterwards was lively and Alison was generous with her time for those that wanted to know more. In short, we thoroughly enjoyed Alison coming to speak to us and have had nothing but positive feedback from the event. Thank you Alison.’

James Hickman BSC(Hons.) MBCS CEng CITP, Committee member of London Central Branch, British Computer Society

To see more testimonials from Alison’s speaking events and coaching clients, click here.

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