Goal Setting


New Year Resolutions, How to Attract Success

How many of us, at this time of year, are focusing on setting goals?  Of course at this time of year we call them New Year Resolutions.  Here are some ideas about how to set goals in a way that will make them tangible and achievable.

Firstly lets be clear about what a goal actually is.  A goal is stated very specifically and there has to be a time frame involved.  For example: “I want to loose 10 lbs by 1st March 2012 for my best friends wedding”, as opposed to “I want to feel slimmer”

The first example is a nice clear goal, you can understand what is wanted, by when, for what purpose.  The second example is not a goal, it is a state is is what someone wants to feel and not what they want to achieve.

Goals also have steps that show how the goal will be achieved, it will be clear how success will be measured and it will be just for the person writing that goal.

So how do we go about writing them?

I find the best way is to start with a big sheet of paper and use mind maps and just start mapping out the different areas of my life that I want to map goals.  Then I fill in the goals that I want to achieve in those areas.  Then I will take a new sheet and for each goal, start mapping out the steps, time frames, measurements etc of how to achieve that goal.  When I have done all that I will write down the goal in long hand in a book that I keep specially for that purpose and write it as if it is that time in the future and I have achieved the goal.  After that I will then make a monthly to do list and stick to it about what I will do each month towards achieving that goal and I also keep a diary on progress.  I also tell people what I want to achieve as they then help to keep me on the right road, but of course that is also a personal choice.

That is what I find works well for me but here are some simple rules to follow so that you can create your own method using SMART.  Whatever method you us to write your goals keep checking against these rules and you will have a goal at the end of it that is achievable, then you will be on your own road to success.  Remember to start your goal with a clear aim or an end in mind.

S – Make sure your goal is really specific.  The more specific the better, and the more detail you can add the better too.  Also keep it simple by splitting it into small achievable steps

M – Make sure you can measure success.  If you can measure the success of each step towards your goal then even better.  Also make sure you goal is meaningful to you.  You must have a personal investment in achieving the goal to have enough desire to then go and achieve it.

A – When you have mapped out your goal then thing about the goal as if you have already achieved it.  (As if now). What will you see hear and feel about the success.  This helps really make it a tangible and helps your goals become embedded in your unconscious mind and helps make them a reality.  Make sure that you goals are achievable and that each step you feel congruent about being able to do.  Remember to make goals is all areas of your life, after all why just focus on one when you can have it all?

R – Ensure that your goals are realistic.  If you are not sure, talk them through with someone else and get feedback or get a personal coach to talk them through with you.  (See my Bronze Service if you would like some help in this area).  It is really important to ensure your goals are responsible and ecological.  For example: Having a goal to be in a relationship with a specific person is not responsible but having a goal to be in a relationship with a person who has all the characteristics of a specific person allows the possibility of a relationship with that person but also someone else if that person is not interested.  That would be a responsible goal.

T – Lastly make sure that your goal is timed and towards what you want.  In other words be clear about when you want to achieve it, checking back with realistic at this point as well, and make sure it is about what you want.  Focus a goal on what you don’t want and guess what you will attract in your life – yes, you guessed it, exactly what you don’t want, so be careful how you phrase things.  If you can only think about what you don’t want at this stage then take some time out before you write your goals and decide what it is that you really want instead.

Enjoy your goal setting and do let me know how yours went?  Remember that a small slip does not mean you have failed either, just get back on the right path the next day and forgive yourself for being human!

Happy New Year and Happy Goal Setting.