HR Specialist – Reyhana  Jano

Reyhana works with businesses to turn their HR issues into solutions. As an HR specialist, she knows people are the heart of any business.  Any business is only as good as the team within it.

Reyhana holds a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology. Throughout her career she has helped business owners grow their business through careful strategic planning and a detailed understanding of their people and who they need for the future.  Even small businesses need to be able to comply with the law so we provide flexible options to support all sizes of businesses to overcome the hurdles that might be the stumbling blocks to success.

Given the right opportunity to shine, your people become your biggest supporters and will want to help you succeed.

Reyhana grew up in South Africa during apartheid and her passion in working with businesses to find the right talent and develop them, stemmed from there.

Her approach is one of pragmatism. She helps business owners become proactive around their people management to assess risks and avoid issues.  She empowers them with tools they need, to have confidence that they have the right processes and proceedures in place to cover all eventualities so that they can focus on their core business.


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