Meet the Associates

We do what we do because we are passionate about helping you to have happy, healthy, productive employees.

We work in conjunction with a selection associates, who are experts in their own specialist fields, to provide comprehensive solutions to businesses.

Business Growth And Leadership Expert – Simon Ford

When asked: ‘Why do you do what you do?’, Simons response is: ‘I get a thrill working with businesses, teams and individuals to achieve their clearly defined goals, building value – including accelerating growth, minimise risk and creating a high performance working climate’.

Simon is a creative and strategic thinker with an extensive track record in leadership and business growth. He is ‘outcome/results’ driven and demonstrates excellent inter-personal skills, building trusted relationships with clients as he works with them to achieve their vision.

His businesses, Positive Change Partners Ltd. and its consulting arm, Zingela Commercial Partners, have a network of professionals who understand business and are practitioners themselves. Where external support is required, Simon sees it as his responsibility to find the right persons with the appropriate skills and best fit to deliver a clients desired outcome.

HR Specialist – Reyhana  Jano

Given the right opportunity to shine, your people become your biggest supporters and will want to help you succeed.

Reyhana works with businesses to turn their HR issues into solutions. As an HR specialist, she knows people are the heart of any business.  Any business is only as good as the team within it.

Reyhana holds a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology. Throughout her career she has helped business owners grow their business through careful strategic planning and a detailed understanding of their people and who they need for the future.  Even small businesses need to be able to comply with the law so we provide flexible options to support all sizes of businesses to overcome the hurdles that might be the stumbling blocks to success.

Reyhana grew up in South Africa during apartheid and her passion in working with businesses to find the right talent and develop them, stemmed from there.

Her approach is one of pragmatism. She helps business owners become proactive around their people management to assess risks and avoid issues.  She empowers them with tools they need, to have confidence that they have the right processes and proceedures in place to cover all eventualities so that they can focus on their core business.

Soza Health

Human capital

The productivity of your human capital in your organisation is for a large part determined by how healthy they are, and how capable they are at operating in stressful situations. Illness in your workforce leads to absence, lost productivity and disruption of operations. Loss of an employee to ill health is expensive.

Soza offers a program for Corporate customer’s that allows the following benefits:

  • Offer health screening to your employees on a confidential basis, delivering your duty of care responsibilities.
  • Gain insights into your organisation through our analytics dashboard to explain where the health issues are in your business.
  • Receive personalised actions plans for your staff, and companywide recommendations to promote health and wellness.
  • Improve employee health to drive down absenteeism and presenteeism. (Where staff are in work but not working to their full capacity due to suboptimal health.).


As a Corporate customer, Soza Health will provide you with analytics, using anonymised data, to show you the state of health of your people. This will help you identify problem areas. It also allows you to see how health varies according to pre-set parameters, identifying opportunities for the company to take action to bring balance to the organisation.

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